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What is Password Generator?

Password Generator is a free online app that can be used to generate strong and random passwords. You must always use strong passwords when creating the account on any website. This is a good practice to keep your account safe and secure. This tool helps you to create a strong password that is hard to guess and very difficult to break. Password Generator provides you below facilities and options while creating a new password:

Why use Password Generator

Passwords play an important role in the security of your account where strong passwords are helpful to make your account secure, weak passwords are a threat to security. Today, most of the hacking related breaches occur due to weak and insecure passwords so you must always try to choose a strong password where needed. For this purpose, Password Generator will help you to create a strong password. You must create a different password for each website when creating an account on that website.

This password generator app runs on all platforms like windows, ios, Linux if it has a browser. The passwords which are generated through Password Generator are not sent over to server or across the web because these are generated locally.

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